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We are a boutique firm offering premium concierge services and personal assistance, primarily for relocation and tourism in Israel and abroad.

Wherever you are in the world and wherever you’re going, TDS will help you find the sights, services and support you need to check off every item on your to-do list. With contacts around the globe providing advice on a local level, TDS has the reach and the knowledge to make any destination feel like home.



The Destination Station was founded by experienced event planners seeking to adapt their logistical and operational expertise for broader use. Utilizing their superior skills in organizing and coordinating multiple moving pieces, they started TDS to provide concierge services and personal assistance both in Israel and abroad.

TDS caters to businesspeople and families, tourists and new residents – anyone looking for niche solutions and personal planning for any trip, whether a quick vacation or a permanent move. TDS also continues to provide event planning services, including for destination events.

TDS works with each client on an individual level to address each of their needs and provide a bespoke package that ticks every box, allowing you to truly enjoy any new experience. Whether traveling, working, or relocating - to Israel or elsewhere – we will handle every logistical need from A to Z.


At TDS, our mission is to simplify and enhance any trip or journey, whether a vacation or a relocation, and for us that mission is personal for several reasons.

Firstly, TDS is proud to cater to a primarily Israeli clientele, as well as clients who are practicing Jews, both locally in Israel and abroad. TDS understands firsthand the unique needs, challenges and interests of many Jewish travelers, and works to provide services and solutions that directly address those requests, whether through niche tours, enhanced security, kosher meals and more.

Secondly, many among the TDS staff have their own experience with relocation and starting over in a new country. We therefore take a vested interest in helping the transition to any new beginning be as smooth as possible, and in making any destination a home away from home.

With this motivation propelling our experience and knowledge, we strive to succeed in our ultimate mission of exceeding our clients’ expectations at every turn.


There are many reasons to choose TDS, not least of which are the dedication and commitment we bring to every task, big or small, from buying a plane ticket to helping manage the visa process in a new country (always an adventure).

But what truly sets us apart is the balance we manage between human resources and technological innovation.

On the manpower front, TDS can attribute its breadth of service to its global network of local experts. That may sound like a paradox, but in fact it promises localized support and services in locations all around the world, giving us (and, by extension, you) the knowledge and flexibility to address any need or request.

TDS also adapts and expands its use of technology to further broaden the knowledge and services we provide to our clients. We maintain extensive databases with relevant information on key destinations, as well as a database dedicated exclusively to Israel. These databases organize hotels, airlines, restaurants and, most importantly, our contacts around the world, giving us quick and easy access to finding answers to your needs at the click of a button.


The Destination Station is centrally operated by its management staff as well as administrative support managing our call center, providing answers and service 24/7.

However, the strength of our operation lies in the wide network of independent contacts and freelancers who provide the day-to-day assistance, suggestions and services for TDS clients. Our freelancers not only provide the expertise of their own home country, but also travel around the world to provide suggestions from the perspectives of travelers and provide assistance in additional locations.  Our team of nomads are essential in helping TDS expand our services offerings as well as our database of destinations and recommendations.

Let us exceed your expectation.

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The Destination Station offers its clients a full range of bespoke solutions to meet any need for travelling, relocating or event planning in Israel and abroad. We help our clients save time and money by organizing a range of services, both through the logistical planning and execution, as well as through recommendations for various requests, vetted and proven by our staff and former clients.

Some of our services include:



Planning, organizing and booking any needs for short-and long-term travel including flights, hotels, local transportation, cultural activities, restaurant reservations and more. We can handle these needs remotely, with additional support and direct contribution from our local experts in any given country. This includes not just booking a requested accommodation, but managing travel portfolios and miles, negotiating upgrades and more for both business and private travelers.


Hotels, restaurants, bars, tourism, performances and more.  These recommendations are assessed according to our own travelers and locals, and are presented through an in-depth portfolio that contains pictures, prices, reviews, relevant contacts and our own expert tips and descriptions.




Planning, organizing and booking every element of an event, including food, photography, décor, production, guest lists and arrangements for travel and accommodations as needed. This applies to events in Israel as well as for destination events, from conferences to celebrations.


Event spaces and venues, florists, caterers, photographers, local event planners and other ideas to make any event a major success, whether a small business meeting or a grand wedding. All recommendations and plans are presented in an in-depth portfolio that contains pictures of the event space, price quotes, capacity, relevant contacts and our own expert tips and descriptions.



Planning and organizing every element of global relocation, whether for families or on a corporate level. This includes packing, shipping, home sale, flights, immigration needs, home and school search, home setup and much more. Our local network is particularly helpful for relocation and mobility services, offering niche localization services to navigate any challenges on your new home turf.


Apartments, homes, neighborhoods, schools, translators and language tutors, medical services and many more recommendations to help you fully acclimate to your new environment, and offer everything you need at the highest level. The relocation portfolio includes pictures of potential homes along with price quotations, floorplans, expat purchase/rental laws and taxes as well as a description of the home and neighborhood.

TDS specializes in finding recommendations that are tailored to Israeli and practicing Jewish families, for example identifying Jewish communities, synagogues, kosher supermarkets and other necessities. We also highlight International Schools for easier language transition.



Planning, organizing and booking any vacation plans including flights, hotels, restaurants, tours and activities. This includes crafting full itineraries for multiple destinations, enhanced by the recommendations and guidance of our local network, and booking the specific plans along the way, for example renting jeeps or enrolling in ski school.  Trips can be for the classic traveler, families, or even incentive trips for business companies.


Hotels, restaurants and tourist activities, from daytrips around major cities to gorgeous scenic hikes and even extreme sports.  We provide portfolios and itineraries mapped out with price quotes and pictures, as well as suggestions for tour guides and our own expert tips.

TDS also specializes in providing recommendations catered to niche interests and requirements, for example Jewish history and synagogue tours, as well as kosher restaurants and food arrangements. 



Make your next travel experience a great one by letting The Destination Station handle every detail.

We’re ready to get to work and exceed your expectations. Just contact us below!

Thanks for your interest in The Destination Station! We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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